Mt. Fuji
(Eastern/Central Area)
Shizuoka has Mt. Fuji with the best views from the Eastern, Gotemba area. A trip to the 5th station on the side of the mountain provides great views of the surrounding areas all the way to the Pacific Ocean in the distance. The country's highest peak at 3,776 meters, it has the most snow accumulation in April, but the valley and courses below are spared most offering tee times through out the year. Don't forget to get a piece of volcanic rock from its slope to take home as a souvenir.
Hot Springs "Onsen"
(Western, Central, Izu and Eastern Areas)
Visiting a hot springs while here is a must that combines the enjoyment of nature, relaxation, with health benefits that are particularly beneficial for golfers sore muscles! Shizuoka is peppered with hot springs and they are found in the highest concentration in the Eastern Gotemba and Izu Peninsula areas, offering spectacular views of Mt. Fuji. A soak in an Onsen followed by a traditional meal of local delicacies is an unforgettable Shizuoka experience! Ask us for recommendations as one is always nearby.

Fuji Safari park
(Eastern/Central Area)
This wildlife zoo offers visitors the opportunity to see various animals roaming freely in the Safari zone, where you can enter by car or original bus. We recommend the "Jungle Bus" with nets on the windows that allow you to see the animals very closely and even feed the tigers by hand! There are also petting zoo areas where kids can interact and play with small animals. The high tech "Night Safari" is always popular and you get to see the animals by using infra-red night vision! Nearby courses include Jurigi C.C. and Minami-Fuji C.C. both less than 5 minutes away!

Gotemba Premium Outlets
(Eastern Area)
Just minutes from the Gotemba Interchange and surrounded by golf courses this makes a perfect side trip for the non-golfers (and golfers, as there is a Taylormade shop) in your group. Enjoy shameless shopping and window shopping at the current 164 brand shops and restaurants. Spend a whole or half day searching for bargains with highlights like: Nike, Dunhill, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Armani Factory Store, Brooks Brothers, Tag Heuer, Bvlgari, Bali and more. Not overly cultural, but all with an incredible Fuji view!
The Outlet is bordered on either side by Fuji C.C. and Ashigara Shinrin C.C. and they even had to put up nets to stop stray balls from upsetting the shoppers!

Fuji International Speedway
(Eastern Area)
Host to an official F-1 race in early Autumn Fuji Speedway is also surrounded by golf courses with Higashi-Fuji C.C., Fuji Green Hill G.C. and Fuji Health & C.C. literally bordering its grounds and track! Enjoy a variety of racing classes from F-1 to classic car races. It also doubles as a large open event space for concerts and festivals. World-class motor sports entertainment in a rich natural setting with majestic Mount Fuji as a back drop. Ask us for a schedule.

Yeti Ski Area (on the side of Mt. Fuji)
(Eastern/Central Area)
Yeti is always the first ski area in Japan to open for operation (late October) due to its use of artificial snow producing machines. A fun hill for the whole family with rental gear available (skis and boards). Three lifts available and yearly they create a half pipe and a big aerial stage for straight jump performances. (Helmets required in this area) It's a little short for alpine skiers, but provides a good outlet for getting in some turns with a very scenic setting. Some of the ski hill actually is Golf Park Bandi.

Kirin-Seagram Gotemba Distillery (distillery tour)
(Eastern Area)
For whiskey lovers a tour here is a must! At an altitude of 600m the distillery is located in a large ancient forest on the side of Mt. Fuji. The mild temperatures, moderate humidity and abundant pure spring water from deep beneath Mt. Fuji make for the ideal location for a whisky distillery. Enjoy seeing the distillation of whiskeys during a factory tour with a video presentation and tasting. Founded in 1973 by Kirin Seagram Co. It's also right next to Fuji Kokusai G.C., Fuji Oyama G.C. and Taiyo C.C a 36 hole course!

Lake Higashiyama Fishing Spot
(Eastern Area)
Try your luck at Lake Higashiyama. This man-made fishing lake was originally constructed by Choemon Osakaya in 1667. While fishing for Rainbow, Brown and Brook trout you can take in the beauty of the Mt. Fuji, which is beautifully reflected on the lake's surface. Rental gear available and recommended for everyone 6years old and up and its right next to the Gotemba exit from the Tomei and the Premium Outlets Mall and beautiful Fuji Country Club.

The Hakone National Park
(Eatstern Gotemba Area, but in neighboring Kanagawa Pref.only 20min by car)
This area has something for everyone including many camping areas, hiking trails, rope-ways to view points with steaming volcanic rocks, 15 hot springs you can use for a daily fee, small Inns to full service resort properties, some with spa options. Lake Ashinoko has boat (Full sized Sailing Ship designed) tours that are constantly leaving; fishing (Mostly Rainbow Trout), 11 museums, glass shops, 3-D movie theatre and more little tourist traps than need be mentioned! More than enough to keep everyone happy and hopefully creating a gap so you can slip away for that priceless round! Look for www.golf-hakone.com coming soon!

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